Iron Brew

A serious thirst stopper

Iron BrewIron Brew

Pine Whizz

Instant pineapple refreshment

Pine Whizz


A tropical island trip in every bottle


Lemon and Lime

Pure enjoyment

Lemon and LimeLemon and Lime

Orange Krush

You can't help but fall in love

Orange KrushOrange Krush

Apple Snap

For refreshment in a snap

Apple Snap

Lemon Krush

This lemon will Krush your thirst

Lemon Krush

Pineapple Spike

It's a wild pineapple ride

Pineapple SpikePineapple Spike

Rocky Ginger Beer

The crispy fiery taste of the Jamaican Root extract

Rocky Ginger BeerRocky Ginger Beer

Razz Raspberry

Razz it up with the best berry taste

Razz RaspberryRazz Raspberry

Mango Tango

Let your tastebuds jive to the mango flavour

Mango TangoMango Tango

Soda Water

Clean and effervescent, like a natural soda spring

Soda Water

Cream Soda

The classic cream soda taste

Cream SodaCream Soda

Passion Fruit & Lemonade

A rich and refreshing mix of taste sensations

Passion Fruit & LemonadePassion Fruit & Lemonade


The cool granadilla taste that puts a spring in your step


Lemon & Lime Lite

A krisp lemon & lime taste with none of the sugar

Lemon & Lime Lite

Sugar Free

Mango Tango Lite

Even without the sugar, this mango will STILL move you

Mango Tango Lite

Sugar Free

Rocky Ginger Beer Lite

0% sugar, 100% strong refreshing taste

Rocky Ginger Beer Lite

Sugar Free

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The Jive Family

Behind every success story, there is a dedicated team who brings it all together. Sharief Parker, founded the Jive brand in 1991 in an Athlone based factory and from humble beginnings, with hard work and commitment to the community, Jive flourished and moved into the current home in Epping, with a first class factory which has the highest international certification.

With Sean Burton at the helm of Marketing, together with the dedicated team, the Jive brand has become Cape Town’s flavoured carbonated drink of choice.

The team continues to drive innovation within the flavoured Carbonated Soft Drink Market and no other brand has come close to their number 1 flavour, Jive Mango Tango.

JIVE Cooldrinks Timeline

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  • Address: 10 Benbow Avenue, Epping 1, Cape Town, 7460, Western Cape
  • Tel: 021 534 8070
  • Email: info@jive.co.za

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